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Welcome to Renee's Harmony

Its all  about the journey!


Tired of running in circles and not getting anywhere? Rejuvenate

your life with Renee's Harmony. Enjoy healing self-discovery,

self-love, positive vibes, and affirmations that will boost your growth. Professional life and career are not neglected either - get the guidance you need for the ultimate life-changing experience.

Find the inner harmony you've been missing.


 "Love Yourself- Self-Reflection Journal you can purchase on Amazon.  This is the first of a series.

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About Us

Who I am? A leader who believes when you lead from the heart, you gain the hearts of those you lead and, that's where the magic happens. Earning my MBA was a pivotal moment in my life. I am a mother of an amazing son who is my pride and joy. Recently, I acquired my Life Coach certification. My passion is helping others and creating a life of harmony while living in this chaotic world. I am the proud CEO of my new venture Embrace U LLC.  I am the CEO of Embrace U Shop and I published my first Self-Care journal called, "Love Yourself", which you can purchase on Amazon. See the link on the home tab. 


I  dedicate this blog to my Father, Mother, and Brother, all watching over me. To my Son, you are my world and, I  am proud of you. Reach for the stars and beyond. To my family love you all. For all the hurt, tears, and pain I have endured from the one who broke my heart, thank you, you don't win. 

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