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12 Self-Care Reminders

It's still the first of the month; it's an opportunity to let everyone know that September is Self-Care Month.

I found this list of items that are great reminders.

Take a minute to read all 12 items on the list.

Is there anyone that stands out to you?

One of the items on the list is number 12.

I would place this at the top of the list.

When you start your day off with a smile, you feel so much better.

I love number 1, " It's Okay To Not Be "On" ALL The Time." Everyone is entitled to acknowledge their feelings.

Ignoring your feeling can impact others around you. Please don't do this.

How many of you do not follow up with self-promises? It is bad enough when others disappoint with broken promises.

I know how I feel when someone breaks a promise to me, it hurts.

I can continue to go through this list but, I have an idea for you.

Review this list, and select some of those important; to you. Rearrange the list if you have to.

For the rest of the month, work on these reminders. Even if there is only one you need to work on, give it a college try.

Please let me know what happens. You come back to the blog site to leave comments. You got this. Remember our life's journey is ours to conquer!

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Sep 08, 2022

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