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For me, nothing is worse than being lied to by someone you love. It breaks away at the trust and safe feelings you have for them.

You can also experience lies in your professional career. For example, you are promised a promotional opportunity and then given some far- fetch story about why you are not the best candidate. I call this 'dangling the perperfivele carrot."

I subscribe to the philosophy of truth. Tell me the truth. It's the only way I can help, be able to make an informed decision, and make the moves I need.

With a lie, you lose precious time trying to deal with the lie and, what to do about the lie, and you have to deal with the situation. Remember, you tell one lie; you need other lies to cover yourself.

In today's society, it appears lying has become the norm. Why?

I feel we spend too much time allowing social media to distraught reality. Social Media, in most cases, is used for good, but it can also be vain of our world.

Learning to step away is imperative. Monitoring the social media of our children is a must! Teaching reality from fiction or lies.

It's time to hold people accountable for their indiscretions and be selective with social media.

I don't know if some people realize; lying can sometimes cause irreparable damage.

Time to stop the lies!

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