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A Dream Deferred?

Some of you may know I entered a contest called Fab over 40. I am an introvert this was a big challenge for me. Guess what, I almost did not take this challenge on for myself and I thought why not Renee'?

Many of you might not believe I am an introvert, but it is true. This challenge taught me how to be humble and learn how to ask for support. Am so humbled by the support I have received and my vision is still very clear.

It was not just about me at the end of the day. Raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness is a big deal. Knowing people who have been impacted by cancer, the decision was easy.

I felt it was important to mention that when you take on something important, not everyone will share the same enthusiasm. Be okay with this, and do not lose sight of why you began the process in the first place.

It is so important to understand we all do not have the same vision. Your vision for your life is what you wish to manifest. Why do you allow someone or something to defer your dreams? I allowed the winding roads of life to keep me from so much.


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