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A Letter to My Mother

I miss my mom so much. I never imagined I would be without her in my life. I'm thankful for all the memories we shared, and all the moments we spent together. I know I can still feel her love and protection even though she's not here. I will never forget her, and will always cherish our bond.

If I wrote a letter to my mom today, I would think about some of the things I would want to share with her. I would tell her how much I love her and appreciate her. I would thank her for teaching me valuable lessons and showing me how to be strong and resilient. I would tell her how much I miss her and would do anything to have her back.

She would be proud of her grandchildren and spoil them as much as possible. She would be proud of me and my accomplishments. I would tell her how much I still need her advice and guidance. I would tell her that I love her and miss her every day.

A letter to my mother. I would ask her to look after me from above and take care of me when I'm feeling down. I would thank her for all she has done for me and how she has shaped me into the person I am today. I would tell her how much I appreciate the unconditional love she has always given me.

I can only hope I said all the right things and she knew how much I loved her. Cause a letter to my mother now is not the same. Remember to tell people you love how you feel and give them flowers while they are here with you.

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