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A Simple Paper Airplane

On September 23, 2022, I watched " A Jazzman's Blues," a movie by Tyler Perry. I watched it twice to reflect on the story. This movie visits a Jim Crow-Era romance. If you are not

familiar with Jim Crow, let me explain.

The Jim Crow laws mandated racial segregation in all public facilities in the state of the former Confederate States of America. The laws existed in other states and began in the


Two people fall in love only to have society keep them apart. It is sad people take love

for granted and do not know how to respect each other. Remember, love comes in all forms and can be a beautiful expression.

An expression of love in the movie was a paper airplane. I love the way Tyler Perry used this

symbolism. This paper airplane was a way to communicate between Bayou and Leanne.

A simple paper airplane.

Today we make communication with those we love so complicated. A simple paper airplane is all it takes. Think about your relationships, how complicated is communication?

I highly recommend this movie. I hope it helps you to evaluate how your communication in your relationships. I also hope this movie helps people understand the level of racism this country continues to see.

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