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Adjust My Crown

I earned my crown during my life's journey, and I have lost my crown.

You might be thinking, Renee' how did you lose your crown?

I forgot I was wearing my crown.

I allowed the heaviness of the world to weigh me down.

I thought it was my crown that was heavy.

It was not.

I took her and placed her away. I forgot to adjust my crown.

I can't change any of this and would not want to change it.

Why you ask each lesson has elevated me to the next level.

On my crown is every single experience, the joy, pain, trauma, and love.

Now I adjust my crown; I look at it and smile.

I realize that you don't own your crown; you are born with it.

I wear my crown with dignity and grace without allowing the experience she wears to weigh me down.

Adjust your crown.

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