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Beauty and the Beast

I love the photos below my son sent me.

The backdrop for these photos is South Florida during the fires in the Everglades.

As I gaze at both, I see so much beauty in each.

The ray of the sun again the fiery sky.

Beauty and the Beast.

I can recall working with people who display these same characteristics.

On the surface, you experience these people as professional people, team players, etc.

Behind your back is the beast where the fire burns and they are trying everything in their control to discredit you.

Now am not writing this to be negative.

I experience just this scenario.

It taught me to get to know both the beauty and the beast.

It made me contemplate if there was a beast or was it my overthinking.

I think it is always best not to ignore what people show you and then you can decide how you need to move.

If you think about a fire, it moves based on various factors. Be smart and use your emotional intelligence to know how to outsmart it.

Beauty and the Beast.

NOTE: Photos taken by Adriana Riena

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