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I was de-cluttering my dropbox and

came across this picture. This simple 5 letter word. A powerful word in your career, not the direction you thought I would go?

If you adjust your thoughts each day as you begin your workday, think how productive you can be.

When you start your day, do this simple exercise:

I believe today I can ________________ ( fill in the Blank)

When you speak this, do it with a positive tone and energy.

Do this for a week and measure the increase in your productivity.

We usually use words such as "Believe" for self-reflection but; our professional lives need self-relation.

When I started my new job, I believed in my vision and, within six-month, I achieved it. An example: One was obtaining four certifications my company offered by the end of the year. Successful I was because I "Believed" it.

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Mar 09, 2022

Believing in oneself is an excellent beginning to what opportunities & inner strength you can achieve. First, we may need to seek professional counseling to address why we harbor low self-esteem; why we lack confidence, that's preventing us from moving onward and upward. I have this word hanging boldly in my living room. I look at it ALL THE TIME. And, as I ask my Lord for guidance to sustain willpower with my sugar challenges, I close my eyes and say, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, " BELIEVE IN YOURSELF NORINA." Yet I remain a work in progress. I have believed in most of my goals. The outcomes from doing so are pretty rewarding. So, belief on, …

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