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Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Have you ever had someone betray you? It can be hurtful if you find out.

There are only certain people you can trust when one of those people betrays you,

it can be hard to recover.

I have experienced this on a professional and interpersonal level. When it was at the professional level, I never addressed the betrayal. Instead, I moved differently around my betrayers. Was I wrong? In hindsight, there were some situations I should have addressed.

I have done both and addressed the person who betrayed me and just moved past it.

Recently I found out someone very dear to me had betrayed my trust. It hurt me to my core. I had to pray about how I would respond.

I decided not to respond. The betrayal happened two years ago, so I cannot change what occurred. I can change how I share with this person in the future. Forgiveness is everything. I have done that, and I am glad God has given me wisdom.

Confronting this person would only have me relive a painful time in my life. I choose not to go back to this dark time. Each of us may have different ways of dealing with betrayal. You might want to think about what you will gain, what you might lose, and if it is worth it.

I prefer to protect my peace. The relationship with this person will change; the love remains the same.

What are your thoughts? How have or would you deal with betrayal?

Let's Chat about it.

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