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Beware of this syndrome

As I continue to branch out and broaden my horizons on my blog, I love finding thought provoking topics. "Sorry, not sorry" for the profanity, but it makes this so profound. In my life, I have experienced half ass love from half ass people. You have to call it what it is.

I can recall work situations in which I worked my tail off, only to have the recognition go to the half ass people who take advantage, receiving all the rewards and benefits.

In life people who were half ass there during the times I needed them the most. Which taught me to not reach out when I needed help.

This is a tough topic to write about because it makes me have to reflect on really tough situations. But this is how we heal, it's how we know what not to do the next time.

Funny, how being half ass in our own lives can teach us some of the best lessons. The most important lesson of all is not to be half ass

in anything I do.

Why was I not present fully for myself? The truth was I put others before me, when I should have put myself first. Putting myslef first did not mean I could have been there for them. In fact, I would have been better equip to help.

It's been an interesting perspective to reflect on but that taught me to well. The lesson I learn is not to be half-ass to myself. And that's the beauty about life, we grow and shine differently.

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I love this topic!

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