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Bouncing Back

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

September was a month of recovery from surgery, a swift recovery because I would be laid- off from my job. I needed to be ready to look for a new career, interview, figure out how to survive until an opportunity knocked down my door.

My preparedness and my Career Strategist made this process easy as the hard part was finding the right career move, making the right decision, not just applying for a position for all of the wrong reasons.

Searching for a new career is a job and not just a 9 to 5, applying for positions all hours of the night. Determination paid off when I got hired a month later.

The journey was not easy, using all of my experience to help guide me in the right direction using the tools I had at my disposal. My most important tool was the investment I had made years ago hiring a Career Strategist. Just as companies invest, it is important to invest in yourself, never get comfortable, be willing to be uncomfortable so you can grow your skills and knowledge. Having this secret weapon helped build my confidence over the years and I was ready for whatever opportunities I would face in my new role.

Bouncing back, getting into my stride, and doing what I do best!

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