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Burning Bridges?

I ran across this quote from Oprah thought it would be a good topic.

You may have heard this quote before or some version of it.

We all face difficulties or challenges in life; navigating them is not the same for everyone.

There are times I know I chose to walk across the bridge and face whatever was on the other side. Crossing the bridge at times took courage. Did I always find happiness or joy on the other side of the bridge? No, it was all part of my journey.

I would not say I burned bridges; I chose not to cross them again. You never know when you may need that bridge as a lifeline or an alternative to the one in front of you.

Each bridge is used as a lesson to share or self-reflection. Either way, the journey was worth it.

What is your take on this quote? Ask someone you know what they understand the quote to mean.

Let's chat about it.

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good, bad or indifferent always remember you will control your destiny, so always make sure if you need to back track, that bridge you just walked over, will still be there!


May 23, 2022

My quote: "All fears need not be addressed if it brings you no harm." Example: I am fearful of water.

I wade in the water at a pool site

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