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"City Lights"

How often did you stop living your dream or not follow up on something you wanted to do because of someone else?


It's so important to live our dreams and fulfill our lives aspirations.

I recall telling someone close to me I wanted to open a jazz club. I was going to call it "City Lights." Do you know what this person said to me?

"Let is a stupid idea and, why would you want to waste your money?

I let them convince my dream. I made a vision board wrote a marketing plan and a business plan. It ended up in my recycle bin on my computer and my vision board in the trash.

This photo says to let people live their own lives and, we should mind our business. Your dreams should be everyone's business by showing them what you can achieve and, nothing can stop you.

Vibe differently, take that leap of faith, and believe in yourself. I will no longer have any regrets in my life about the dreams and goals I placed in my recycle bin.

My dreams and vision will live so that they are everybody's business.

Vibe differently, find your energy and create with it, stay away from negativity; it will suck the life out of you.

What are you willing to do to be happy?

What are you willing to do to Vibe Differently?

For me there is no " City Light" but I have Renee's Harmony and my light will continue to shine.

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1 Comment

Mar 02, 2022

Spot on, Renee! When aiming to follow one's dream, a wise decision is to make sure you have ALL the tools necessary for success. Having the money is not enough; it's making informed decisions that strengthen the outcome.

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