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This weekend I spent Friday and Saturday doing research. I watched two shows on Netflix. Do not judge me; both shows took a different unorthodox method to finding a husband or wife.

Digging deep into each storyline, I analyzed each situation.

Here's what I learned:

  1. People are complex in and out of relationships

  2. Past trauma impact each person differently

  3. People need time to heal

  4. Communication is key

  5. Active Listening is key

  6. Never Lie

  7. Be honest with yourself

  8. Bitterness saves no one

This list could go on but this list above really resented.

I think people must understand their love language. You may not know, but at least

you can explore what works and does not work for your situation.

I am a firm believer in keeping people out of your relationship. Remember they may not be as open as you are when it comes to certain situations.

Do you discuss your boundaries? Do you know your boundaries?

I feel this is key in any relationship. Think about your current or past relationship. What did or have you learned from it? What would you or are you doing differently?

It all starts with a conversation. Time to talk.

PS. I did not say text, I said talk.

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2 kommenttia

15. huhtik. 2022

I love this! I agree you should proceed with precaution as to what you share! I have learned to protect what is dear to me. ❤️


15. huhtik. 2022

One takeaway from your Reflections is how much you or should not share. I've learned that there are things that need not be shared, not even with your bestie. And, there are things you share with a family member and not your bestie or your partner. Knowing to whom you can trust, whom you value the most, and solicit wisdom is a life-learned journey. Nevertheless, trust your gut, step out on faith, and sometimes be spontaneous.

What we learn from past relationships doesn't always carry into the next. Mainly because each new respective partner is bringing something new/different to the table. However, what the focus ought to be is what of our personal character can we tame and to {always}…

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