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Dear 2022

You came into the year with the vengeance of Keanu Reeves in a John Wick movie. You were unforgiving and made all of me regret the actions of past years. I knew you would be a focus to reckon with, but it would not be easy.

The pandemic had me paralyzed and unable to be with my family. You delayed events in my life which were to happen. You never even said sorry, It was again the season of hatred, unkindness, and civil unrest.

My Vision board shattered before my eyes, and each time I tried to pick up the pieces; a global warming event came having me on my knees praying I could find the blown away part of my world.

Afraid to turn on the news to see how many more people had passed due to senseless violence and the continued lies of politicians trying to destroy this country.

Chaos was never part of my vision for the year.

The tears you had me shed could fill a swimming pool with overflow into the ocean.

Endless tears, was it depression, was it grief, what did it all mean? My fear at times ended in panic attacks from out of nowhere.

You were kicking my ass.

The days and nights I was down on my heads and knees praying to God for grace and forgiveness, not only for me but for the world, those who hurt me; for all made in your image.

You were doing your best to keep me from my vision, achieving my goals, and from my loved ones.

During the year, there were joyful moments. I saw family and friends; I laughed and saw positive achievements. I experienced broken promises, and God continued to reveal the truth to me.

I never stopped my blog, published my first journal, Embrace U, my online store, and did not stress about who was supporting me. I continued to pursue my vision. I learned how to create better IG reels to reach more accounts and grow my LinkedIn following t over 900.

In all the madness you delivered, I still was successful. My determination is focused, and the strength gained will catapult me to new heights.

So goodbye, 2022. I take with me the lessons, memories, and peace of mind that I am only just beginning my journey to filling all of my dreams for 2023.

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