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Spring has sprung; now what?

Time for new beginnings in your life.

During Spring, you are probably putting away your winter wardrobe.

There are some other areas of your life you can declutter. You take inventory of your Spring and Summer wardrobe, but do you do the same in your life?

You might wonder how I start doing this Renee'?

Here are some tips and pointers you might find helpful.

I start in my home first, one room at a time.

Now for those who know me, I am a neat freak.

I believe in living with a minimalist style.

To refresh, I might switch some items around in my home.

Step 1:

Declutter Your Environment

I cannot function in a cluttered environment. When you have a declutter surrounding, you will be surprised how your creativity will flow and you happier.

Do a mind dump as well. Get rid of negative thoughts and take inventory of those areas of your life you which to move forward.

You should include both interpersonal and professional areas.

Step 2:

Throw out the trash. Look around your surroundings and get rid of what does not serve you anymore. If you can donate it, that will bring so much joy to someone else.

Throw out the trash. Do a brain dump and write down all the things you can think of which are blocking you from happiness or achieving your goals.

Throw out the trash. Assess your career and check your goals. Make new ones and make whatever decisions will make you happy.

Step 3:

Review your relationship. Do what you feel is best am not telling you anything more than this for advice.

Once you declutter, time to start with new beginnings. Think of this as a six-month New Resolution check-in.

For me, it's a check-in to review my vision board since I do not make New Year's Resolutions.

Enjoy your new journey and share your experience with others.

Happy Decluttering!

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