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Dedication to All Mothers

The calendar says today is Mother's Day. I say every day is Mother's Day.

I am so proud of my son he has made it easy for me to be his Mom. I have other sons I have adpoted as mine, some of you may know what I mean, and they also have made me proud.

Today I want to thank all the Mothers who have sacrificed and continue to make sure their family is more than excellent.

Without the superpowers of Mom, we would not have our superhero children.

We need to continue working together as a village to ensure these precious ones are graced with greatness.

Please take some time to reflect on all you have done.

Hold your head up and smile, look at you, this phenomenal woman you have become, and are to all who cross your path.

Happy Mother's Day, you beautiful soul.

And to my Mom in heaven,

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

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