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My mind is going a thousand miles a minute.

It's been busy at work, and I have been working hard to build content and continue to build on my dream.

And as I plan my next moves am watching Hustle on Netflix.

This movie star Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah. It's about a basketball story; it is a story about redemption, vision, and determination.

And as I watched this movie, my inspiration became bigger; the dream is reality.

I am getting ready to take off.

I never compare myself to others because my only competition is myself.

At the tip, off am ready to catch the ball; the player up at 4 AM; ready to outperform my biggest competitor ME.

My point is this; I watch movies or shows from a different lens. It helps to open up points of view, seeing topics with a contrasting mindset.

It's how successful people build their vision.

How are you building yours?

Are you able to see things with a different lens?

Let me know in the comments.

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