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Dirty Laundry

In my past blogs, I have talked about social media. I am hoping to be able to discuss a topic that may be difficult for some.

Why do people discuss personal family matters on social media? Whatever happened to the art of communication? You may need to have this conversation when the time is right. There is a saying, "calmer heads prevail."

While having this conversation, be sure to listen and choose your words wisely. Remember, you can not take back the words once spoken. Don't regret not having this conversation with the person.

Private matters should not play out in public; keep in mind your co-workers, employers, and clients could be watching this unfold on your platform.

I am sure some; can think of people we wish we could talk with again. Why would you take for granted you'll have the opportunity to set the record straight later?

When I see this play out, I will not comment on it; that is a toxic behavior I will not be a part of, instead I pray about it.

So let's see how many people I can convince to take the high road. Are you willing to put in the work? Are you ready to teach your children the art of communication and conflict resolution?

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