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Does It Matter?

"Don't ask me why I changed, ask yourself what you did to me."


Let's talk about forgiveness. How many times have you done something and had to ask for forgiveness?

I would like to believe it was done with no mean intention.

So take the time to forgive but with this twist, forgive yourself.

So you changed during the process, be sure to change your heart and always love you.

Here is your challenge for this week.

After you pray, meditate or work out, look in the mirror and say this mantra " I forgive you, I love you."

Then write down why you changed and the impact it is or had on your life. Do you need a change back, and did you grow? Are you vibrating at a higher level, creating positive, creative energy?

It does matter how we speak to our inner selves, and self-love is everything.

Time to fix the brokenness.

Here is to a New Forgiveness!

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14 de mar. de 2022

Now there's a thought to consider.

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