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Dream, Courage, Inspire, Harmony

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

How many of you have seen a photo similar to the one you see?

How many of you placed this as a screen saver at work or home?

Did you ever reflect on each one and develop a course of action or vision on how you would achieve each one?

Did you place each in a separate category or a group? Did you research Feng Shui and how you would use it in your home or workspace? Its meaning can be broken down into the Chinese words "Feng," meaning wind, and "Shui," meaning water. The concept is derived from an ancient poem. This poem talks about human life being connected to and flowing with the environment around it.

"Dream of courage to inspire harmony.

Inspire harmony to dream of courage

Inspire courage to dream of harmony"

Each one of these works and should be part of your daily energy, and attitude,

as reminders to strive for work-life harmony and balance in all your relationships.

In my home am surrounded by reminds of positive words in each room. My home is a safe place where I rejuvenate and replenish my energy.

Look around your home or workspace; is it inspiring you to maintain harmony in all areas of your life? If not maybe it's time to change the energy in your spaces. Once you change this energy, watch the shift you attract in your life.

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1 Comment

Feb 18, 2022

I received a fishnet of these as a retirement gift. I placed them in a decorative bowl in my dining room (now on my sofa table). When I walk by, I smile because it causes me to reflect on the word I happen to look upon. It's one of the best gifts received. There's just something about the natural elements of the earth.

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