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Everything is going to be Fine!

For the past couple of weeks, things in my world have been on a roller coaster. There were days when I questioned everything.

It would always start with WHY, WHY, WHY?

Being overthinking, I went through every different scenario in my head.

Then I had to stop and say:

Everything will be okay because I got this!

There is nothing I cannot overcome.

I am going to ride this roller to the end.

I know when I get to the end of the ride; I will be grateful for the resolution.

As the ride ended, I felt at peace. No, I did not panic. I had a moment, got over it, and understood to conquer the coaster; being calm was critical.

I wrote down my thoughts and then threw away anything not good for my energy.

In the end, I was able to survive the entire ride.

Now am ready to execute my ideas.

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