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When I came across this quote, it resonated in a very profound way.

It reminded me of the many challenges in my life. During each one, the way I overcame was to step forward.

Right now, this quote has even more meaning, given some of the recent events politically.

Taking a step forward each day will bring you closer to whatever your heart desires. It can be a relationship, family matter, career, etc.

Too many times to count, I was willing to give up and work back down the steps without achieving or manifesting my vision, goals, and dream.

No more, those old parts of me are gone, and this is my time to get the happiness I deserve.

I am the only that can control this happiness. I will continue to claim these stairs to the very top and leap off with joy after each accomplishment;

What are you going to do to obtain your happiness?

Be as fearless as you know you are?

Maybe it's time to pull out your pen and paper and make a plan.

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