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Finding Joy

Once upon a time, there was a time when finding joy was within our reach. As a child, I could find joy with my siblings, neighborhood friends, school, and with family.

Today my family dynamics have changed. My childhood friends live in other states, and it has been a while since I have seen them. I have lived in 6 different cities during my lifetime.

In each part of my journey, finding joy has never been top of my list; I wish it had been. I am not saying I did not have fun; I traveled, spent time with family, and reconnected with friends. But I still was in search of joy.

What I realized is joy was inside me all along. I just needed to allow my joy to shine outward. Finding good in the little things and bringing peace to my life. I was on a mission to let my inner peace shine outward and be able to say," hey, gorgeous, you are a joy."

Being open to all the world has to open and allows myself to be receptive to possibilities.

Have you lost your joy? Do you know where or how to find it? Start by looking in the mirror and smiling. That reflection staring back is your joy.

Each one of these pictures is a different side of my joy. Smoochies.

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