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Follow the Instructions

I have a confession; I don't

read the direction for anything I have to put together.

So my process is; to look at the illustration, study it and then go all in.

Why is this so wrong?

As children, we put puzzles, legos, and builder blocks together.

It was all trial and error.

Or it was just using our creativity to build whatever our little minds wanted.

Yes, I could complete my project faster, but I like the challenge.

Just like a child building whatever creative toy I wanted.

The idea of a manual with all those confusing instructions takes the joy away.

It's the simple things in life sometimes that make us smile.

When I look at this picture of my late brother, it just makes me smile.

Here I am showing my brother how to put together our Tinker Toy.

What a great memory.

Some may not agree with my method, and that is okay.

For me, it is about the memories. Never forget about the playful side of yourself.

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