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For a Season & a Reason

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

There is a saying that people come into your life for a season and a reason. For me, I don't subscribe to this fully.

We meet people in our lives based as part of our life journey.

Not everyone we meet do we form a bond, or do they become part of our life.

Some of these encounters can be unpleasant and others very memorable.

Each one can have an impression on us.

For me, there are some people I wish I had not encountered.

These experiences did help me understand the uniqueness we all possess.

Having someone leave your life due to death is different; loving them is different.

It is impossible to go back in time and change the beginning of our encounters.

You can change how you respond to each one and the ending.

Most importantly, learn to heal, be thankful for the rewarding relationship and be forgiving.

Remember your thoughts and words are powerful.

You want blessings, miracles, healing, and healthy relationships or encounters; align your thoughts and words with what you want to attract. Increase your positive energy aura.

There is a purpose for everyone you meet; they can bring out the best you or take you outside yourself.

Just know you can change the narrative with each.

Be devoted you loving yourself so you can take this with you during your life journey.

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