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Free Will

Think of those times you have seen a great-looking person and thought how beautiful. Aesthetics are not what they seem.

Not everything that looks good is good for us. It's imperative to know the difference; for me, other qualities matter and are relevant.

To be in a relationship built on a foundation of God is paramount. Loyalty should be a quality we look for when looking for a husband/wife or even a friend.

Relationships can be challenging without positive energy, mutual respect and, stability. For example, a wobbly bridge; you may get across; it takes all your energy/endurance to get across. In the end, you have nothing to give back to nurture your relationship.

As you build relationships in your life, remember never to judge a book by the cover; seek for what lies beneath.

The caterpillar hides its inner beauty then reveals all its splendor. Remember qualities may not show a beautiful inner soul don't ignore those red flags. Red Flags are a topic for another day.

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