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Happy Father's Day!

Today we honor all the Fathers around the world. Thank you for all you do to protect and provide for your families.

A Father is an integral part of any child's life.

A bond begins before birth and continues as your child or children grow.

Fatherhood is more than providing financially and emotionally; it's being that role model.

Fathers are superheroes, navigating home and society to ensure their family is safe.

Every day, we see your Super Hero cape.

You inspire, protect, encourage, and your love lives; within us.

You love with all your heart.

I want to wish all the fathers a very Happy Father's Day.

We celebrate you today, but we recognize you every day.

I especially thank all the men there for my son; you know who you are.

To My Dad in heaven, I love and miss you every day.

You will always be our Super Hero.

Miss you Daddy.

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