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I fell in love with a Narcissist Part 2

One of the hardest things to do when dealing with a narcissist is confronting them. It will drain you of all of your energy. There are some techniques they use as you try to get some understanding.

Ghost you when you dare to confront them. The person will end a personal relationship with someone suddenly and without explanation. You will find yourself reaching out with no response.

The Narcissist will use silence against you. They will not say a word as you try your best to try and have a discussion. You will get crickets.

My old-time favorite, they are phenomenal at playing the victim. As you try and express how

you feel, you will get things such as, " you don't understand; what about me? The Narcissist is good at ignoring your feelings completely; it is all about them.

They act in a passive-aggressive way and take your words out of context. You will feel like you are going crazy and in circles, expressing yourself.

Let's not forget the twist and turns of your words. For me, this is their best technique. The most frustrating is when they miss your point on purpose. But in the end, you fell in love with a narcissist and their abuse can be descanting.

If you have fallen for a Narcissist, get the courage to save yourself and take time to heal.

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