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"Identifying the Red Flags: 5 Types of People you Cannot Trust"

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People will masquerade

How many people do you trust? Have you ever regretted it? Let's chat about it. I know I can relate to this topic. I have trusted the wrong people/person. It was my nature to trust but after getting burned, I realized I needed to adjust and learn the red flags.

Some red flags may be subtle. Here are five:

1. A person who says they want the best for you but then works against you.

2. A person whose words and actions don't match up.

3. A person who always tries to sabotage you or make things harder.

4. A person who never takes accountability.

5. A person who disguises insults as jokes.

Trusting someone who claims to have your best interests at heart but then works against you can be incredibly damaging. Feeling betrayed can lead to confusion and a loss of trust in others. Additionally, it can hinder your progress and success, as this person may actively sabotage your efforts and make it harder for you to achieve your goals.

To identify these types of people early on, pay close attention to their consistency in words and actions. Notice if they frequently make excuses or shift blame onto others instead of taking accountability. Be aware of how they interact with you and others. Whether their jokes often have a negative undertone. Trust your instincts, and don't dismiss any red flags that may arise, as they can serve as valuable warning signs.

Paying attention to the consistency between a person's words and actions is crucial because it reveals their true character and intentions. Consistently saying one thing but doing another indicates untrustworthiness. This inconsistency can be a red flag for potential deception or manipulation, and by recognizing it, you can protect yourself from getting involved with someone who may work against your best interests.

Some examples of red flags to watch out for in a person's words and actions include frequent excuses, shifting blame onto others instead of taking accountability, negative undertones in their jokes, and consistently saying one thing but doing another. These inconsistencies can indicate potential deception, manipulation, or someone who may work against your best interests.

Ignoring red flags in relationships can have serious consequences. It can lead to toxic dynamics, emotional manipulation, and even abuse. Dismissing the warning signs and trusting someone untrustworthy, will put you at risk of being hurt, taken advantage of, and violating your boundaries. It is important, to prioritize your well-being and listen to your instincts when identifying and addressing red flags in people you can not trust. 

So protect who you give your trust to, trust is not free. It has to be earned.

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Jun 05

Beautiful write up

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