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In the Dark

"What's done in the dark will come to light." How many times have you heard this saying? It is about asking God to reveal the truth to you.

I can not remember when I was so specific with this request from GOD. He delivered, and now I had to be ready to deal with these revelations.

Some of these revelations were tough; I had to be the toughest. I learned to take it one day at a time. Review what was in my control and what I had to leave up to God.

Trust is so hard when you can't see the end. I had to continue on my journey until the end. I knew what was to be would be.

My growth was noticeable, but the tears I cried during this process only made me stronger. Being okay with not being okay; understanding I was not alone.

I began each day with my prayers and ended each day the same. My 1 -minute reflection/mediation and breathing were a part of my routine.

Asked for calm during the chaos and storm, realizing calmer seas were close.

How do you ask for the truth or for something to be revealed?

Can you see your growth after times of uncertainty?

If you say yes, that is a win; keep up the great work.

If you don't, it's time to take inventory.


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Unknown member
May 02, 2022

What I've learned through my life journey is to STOP questioning everything, STOP doubting oneself and STOP overthinking. However, this comes to you when you have self-confidence and are grounded in your spiritual beliefs.

I have a friend that literally drives me crazy with her overthinking that I found it necessary to put distance in our friendship. Overthinkers, be alarmed, will people will run away from you. Just saying...

Unknown member
May 02, 2022
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