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In The End

So many promises

The excitement was real

The emotions were rare

Then in a blink of an eye, it was gone

As if the secret had exposed itself, and it hurt

Now you pick up the pieces of your heart, you think

I will never love again

Back goes the heart; behind the walls

To scream out in pain so no one can hear it

In The End

A plane ride home broke and torn into a million pieces

In The End

The truths all of them exposed for the world to see right in your face

Silence is your voice because no matter what is one believes its real

In The End

A long plane ride home

In the End

Tonight will be torture because you know

But you wanted the truth

In The End

It doesn't make it right because it still hurts

You don’t have to validate your feelings to anyone Your feelings are yours

In The End...

A poem of love and heartbreak

Or Is It?

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