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Recently, I watched a documentary about Toni Morrison. She was a literary genius.

Reading her work, you would become engrossed with every word. The words would come off the pages into my heart, and sometimes having to put the book down.

It was that intense.

Hearing her tell her story in this documentary gave me even more respect and appreciation for her work. Listening to others such as Walter Mosely, Sanchez, and many others speak of Toni, you knew her legacy was heartfelt by many.

And now we live in a society that is banning her books, all because they can't face their truths.

I know for myself that I shared with my Son books I read and knowledge he should know.

When we do not share, it makes the world a small place.

Granted, some would prefer to become knowledgeable in racist hate. It's that part of the world I wish we did not have as part of our reality. I believe in my heart if humanity would embrace more of the good, we could get there and learn from each vs. fighting evil.

It is important to broaden our horizons and open our hearts and minds to what authors such as Toni Morrison left for us. Stop allowing the small minds of the few to dictate what is their reality. One day, call me a believer, just like Toni Morrison.

Rest Well My Queen I salute you!

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Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
Jan 13, 2023

Had to read Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon in college along with Richard Wright's Native Son. Toni Morrison was a great American novelist.

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