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It's all about Me

If you look at the title, you may think it is one-sided. I recently ran across this quote:

"Believe it or not,there isn't a single person you need in this life more than yourself. Put yourself first."

~ Unknown

I like to wrap this one up. I agree but disagree.

I am always going to place God first and then myself. I do think it is essential to place yourself first.

I know I have struggled with this all my life.

When I decided to neglect myself, so much of my life's journey went down some unsure paths.

After God, we should think of ourselves as long as it is not to the detriment of others. There is nothing wrong with finding and following your true purpose in this journey called life.

Putting yourself first means you can grow as a person and be the best version of yourself, allowing others to experience the best version of you.

This positive energy can be contagious right now, just what the world needs.

What are your thoughts about this quote? Do you feel putting yourself first is wrong or necessary?

Please leave your comments.

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