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Just A Word

God has a way of showing us the truth we do not want that sometimes can hurt us to the core.

But he does it because he knows about conversations about us we don't hear.

The moment truth hit me was when God revealed this to me.

We sometimes don't want to listen to the small voices in our heads; we then realize we have to listen to God's voice.

I hear you; thank you for revealing the truth.

My Secret has come back to haunt me; now I need to clean up and pick up the pieces.

What was it that God revealed?


In the end, I know I will be stronger.

I will gain back even more than I have a loss.

I will not be laughed at anymore or made to look like a fool.

I am a child of God; I know he will protect me from my enemies and make them my footstool. For his work has already begun.

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Membre inconnu
26 févr. 2022

How do you recognize it's God's voice? It's bewildering. However, I got it after the fact! To this day all the warning signs of my 2nd husband were there; I ignored them. Then BAM, God said, "Okay, you are not hearing me, so now I'll give you something you can undoubtedly feel, see and hear." My spouse beat me; I walked away to

never look back. I felt a unique calm and I asked God to forgive me for ignoring his signs. This goes back to how do you know it's God talking to you; most often it's because the obvious is staring you in your face and denial takes you over. We may feel stupid when we are slapped…

Membre inconnu
27 févr. 2022
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