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Just Being Me

Recently I had a discovery about some life events I experienced.

I realized many discussions/choices I made were not my own.

I pleased others and did what I needed to win approval or make them proud.

I began to understand why my path had so many twists and turns. I was walking the walk of others vs. my own. Their shoes did not fit well, creating some difficult times in my life.

Funny thing, when I was not successful, I was criticized.

I heard the remark, " Why did you do that?"

If you could only see my face, it was a look of " that's what you told me to do."

I survived it all and ended up stronger; for it.

Yes, this was an accomplishment.

I now protect my peace and aspects of my life.

I make the decision(s) on how I will move.

I am not trying to match my energy with others but with myself.

At this point, people may not agree with my decision(s) and,

I understand it's who they are and their thing.

I am still going to make level-up types of moves.

It feels good knowing my decisions are creating more harmony in my life.

Am happy!

My unique imprint is left; everyone will see my accomplishments.

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Aug 08, 2022

A decision made for the betterment of self and all can you go wrong? And, even then, the decision process continues.

Aug 08, 2022
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