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Leadership Failed

For the past couple of weeks, I have listened to reports on Twitter. I will not speak about Elon, not giving him credit.

In my professional career, I experienced change, whether it was a change in leadership,

process, or company philosophy. Some of these changes worked, and some failed.

In fact, as a leader, I had to make changes to my team processes, etc.

Here is what I learned:

Have a conversation with your team first.

Your team is the frontline and can tell you what is working and what they feel may help them be more productive.

Gauge the team dynamics.

Team dynamics is key to any successful business.

Empathy is key.

When you show your employees you genuinely care for them, not just data and the bottom line, the rewards are endless.

I try not to model myself behind anyone else in leadership; most of my valuable lessons were from some of the worst leaders I worked for or knew. Comprehension is a skill every leader should possess.

The day Elon took over as CEO of Twitter, I deactivated my account. I would not put support behind a person who treats his employees badly, the takeover was a complete failure.

Not everyone in management is a leader; not everyone "gets it."

I have always believed in leading with my heart, showing empathy, and treating people as I

would want them to treat me.

Leadership Failed, what have we learned?

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10. Feb. 2023

Excellent highlights!

Gefällt mir
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