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Learning to Be Okay

I was not always successful. I had to heal repeatedly during those low moments.

The virtual part was to heal.

Being an empath, I feel everything; I try to help save people from themselves. I had to realize this was not always possible.

Most recently, knowing most people will not accept my boundaries. I share what they are, and still, limits are pushed, with no respect, so I choose how I move.

Yes, I have been a "fixer" and am at a point where I no longer have to wear this title.

I am so okay with accepting not everyone wants my input. I am comfortable with people not liking me.

Time does not heal all trauma or pain, and as you grow, not everyone will grow with you.

Taking care of myself has to be a priority, and loving people from a distance isn't mean.

Sometimes it's necessary.

I'm learning to accept all that is me.

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