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Let Go!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Fear and lack of confidence can be paralyzing, both reasons I did not complete all of my visions. I had to figure out how to reach the heights I had strive to achieve in my life journey.

Inside was the answer, so I knew I needed to search within to find the resourcefulness to get it done.

I would sit in front of my mirror and tell myself I was worthy, I was beautiful, I was the magnificent person God had made.

I needed a mantra to repeat and believe in every day.

I had to leave behind all of the negative thoughts and conversations I convinced myself to believe.

What if I just become one with Divine, believing in his word vs. that of my destructive voice.

Making time for myself and loving me is important, believing in me.

I could not look at myself in a mirror and, I hated taking pictures.

I saw imperfections and believed the lies I told myself for years based on negative experiences.

I had to let go and shift the energy within outward; the beauty you see when you make that shift and live on a higher vibration is incredible.

It takes just a couple of minutes a day to make this a daily habit.

Many of you know Alicia Keys; her energy and vibe taught me how to love my soul and how to love me.

Let It Go! Embrace your true self and be a gift to yourself and the world. Now go spend 5 minutes in the mirror loving you.

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