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Let's talk about Friends

Let's talk about friends. I can count on one hand those people I truly consider my friends. Something people can confuse true friends with people who are just part of our life journey.

When the line between a true friend and associate or acquaintance is unclear, it can lead to disappointment.

I can recall associating with people who only betrayed me.

I blame myself for not knowing what defines a healthy friendship.

As I looked for a new topic to blog about, I came across this image;

10 Signs of a Healthy Friendship.

Do you agree?

How many people in your life can you call a true friend(s)?

Is the relationship a healthy one?

What makes it healthy for you?

If you have a friendship which is not healthy, how will you address the issue?

I am not telling you to throw away people in your life.

I want you to examine if the situation is sucking your energy; or not good for your peace.

Be comfortable with any decision you make and adjust when necessary.

"Keep your friends close, your enemies closer." This phase all of us have heard.

The issue I have with this is why would; I want a toxic person around me?

I prefer to say know your next move when someone moves inconsistently.

You have control who you give access to in your life. I want to always protect me peace.

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