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Life imitates Music

This weekend after watching one of the playoff games, I decided to watch a movie. I watched "Brown Sugar."

I remember growing up in New York, one of the birthplaces of Hip-Hop.

I had many 45 records of some of my favorite rap groups.

Many Rappers would hang out either at my High School or just around.

I miss those days. We were able to express ourselves through breakdancing and, Hip-Hop music. It was music imitating life back then.

Today life imitates music people try to be like the artist they see in the videos.

In the movie Brown Sugar, the two main characters tell their love story through their love of Hip-Hop.

For me, it is poetry in motion.

The hustle and flow, the entanglement of basketball trying to dunk for the win.

In the end, Hip-Hop wins.

Life imitates music.


Written on May 7, 2022.

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