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Look Up

The last couple of years have been chaotic, a paramedic, economic hardship, government takeover, hatred, and racism.

Whether you realize it or not, it creates trauma.

I felt isolated from my loved ones; there were times when it felt unbearable.

Times I did not want to get out of bed. Then realizing I had so much I needed to do, and people depended on me.

There was one thing I could do; that was to Look Up.

I would go for my 3-mile walk, and I would Look Up.

It was my time to forget all the chaos and enjoy the sky, sun, and nature.

With my music of choice drowning out any noise, it was very serene, tranquil, and therapeutic.

Time to forget all the bull in this world. Peace of mind is everything.

Protecting my peace and, choosing what I exposed myself to every day helped.

I am not going to say this was easy; it was imperative to protect my mind, body, and soul. It felt good to forget all the chaos and live in the moment.

When you feel you need a moment, Look Up.

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