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Loyalty can be hard to find today.

Recently I went home and was excited to see my son and family.

I was excited to see our fur baby Dallas.

Eight years ago, I rescued Dallas from the parking lot of Target.

Dallas never responds when you call his name, it's his world.

Seeing Dallas after three years, he did remember me, but it was still his world; he ignored me when I called his name.

Cats, in my opinion, are misunderstood; they are so much fun and bring so much joy. This can be the same for us at times.

Do you consider yourself a loyal person? Or are you like Dallas or loyal when it's convenient?

One can argue there are different levels of loyal so how you respond is different.

Reflect on how you view loyalty; do you need to adjust?

What about how others are loyal to you?

In the end, it is what we are willing to accept, expect and be okay.

Heck, at times, our fur babies show more loyalty than the people in our lives.

Understanding loyalty will impact how you move and shake in your private and public life.

Loyalty can vary in your professional life vs. interpersonal.

For me, it's a different expectation in my professional life vs. private.

What about loyalty and love? What are your boundaries, what are you willing to tolerate?

Is there a difference if you are married vs. dating?

I never really thought about loyalty much into recently. It's rare and people don't realize how they can hurt you when it's abused.

I would like to hear your thought on this topic, let me know.

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Mar 28, 2022

Great questions, Renee. Loyalty is monumental to me, and it had and will continue to be. There's no excuse not to be if your love, respect, and devotion are in sync with your family and friends. And, too, with your staff, co-workers, not so much because everyone is trying to climb that more money ladder. When I was the Assistant Superintendent for HR, one of my questions for my clerical staff was about loyalty. I would sometimes test them to see if they were. I did have to do a clean sweep from time to time. And that was okay. After all, confidentiality was the utmost concern in HR. When in doubt about whether you can continue to be loyal…

Mar 28, 2022
Replying to

Spot On! I would do the same make sure I spoke to everyone at work no matter their title.

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