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Mistake? Not Me

In any relationship, professional or interpersonal, we know there are times when not everyone sees eye to eye. Compromise is a great solution, such as agreeing to disagree.

When it comes to owning a mistake(s), where are you?

Do you admit to your mistake, taking ownership?

Or do you blame others for not being open?

Human nature is funny; owning our stuff is not always easy.

People make mistakes, some intentional and others not. It is imperative to know the difference, especially if you're the one who made a mistake.

Looking at both sides can be helpful, placing yourself in the other person's shoe; and how you made them feel.

There is nothing wrong with; " I'm sorry"; two simple words.

Sometimes mistakes can cost, whether in the workspace or our personal lives. I would ask that you keep this in mind, was the mistake made because you did not have knowledge or skills before you moved the way you did.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you did not know you made a mistake because of the lack of knowledge; it's called taking accountability.

When having a conversation about the mistake, your approach will determine the outcome of how others receive it.

For me, I will be the bigger person and apologize.

It is not about being right but letting others know I heard them.

Of course, every situation is different sometimes; the mistake can be very complicated. Please, consider all factors and make the right decision. The decision you can live with and not lose sleep over that decision. And one more thing, honesty will and does go a long way.

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Jan 04, 2023

Often, when a mistakes warrants an apology, some would rather act more kinder than to say "I'm sorry." I come to learn aldo admitting a mistake is an interpretation of being a failure, loser or even competent. This then has a lot to do with self-esteem issues & immaturity.

I realize and appreciate saying I'm sorry, or I made a mistake does all concern "GOOD."

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