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Moving Forward

There have been times I had a vision or dream I did not follow through in completing.

I take full ownership of not fulfilling these dreams, allowing people to get in my head.

I got distracted by things that were not important and lived for others versus for myself.

I have come a long way and am determined to do me. I deserve to be able to live my life for myself and make my dreams my reality.

No more watching others have all the fun; this is my time.

If you find yourself in the same space, take some time and evaluate what you need to do differently and go for it. It's your time.

Be intentional and unapologetic, move forward, and don't look back.

Your challenge:

What is it that has been holding you back?

Now that you have identified it, how will you move forward?

The first thing to do is change your mindset; this is half the battle.

Remember, only you can stop you; time to restart and move forward.

Let me know how it's going.

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Renee, we need to learn to get out of our way. Dismiss those comments and/or folks who don't share your vision for various reasons. Believing that you are deserving; assuming you must find out if what you want is what you want; and recognizing when & if you need to change course and be okay with it. Bottom line, you, yourself alone, make the call of what direction you will go and do.


You are so right Norina just wish I had learned that sooner! But I know now. What me move 🥰

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