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Never Quit!

I worked hard to set up my IG account for my website.

Yesterday morning it all came crashing down. As I was trying to add some post, someone hacked my account.

I quickly tried to resolve the issue. I discovered the email address of the person trying to hack my account. I was trying to reset my password. It showed me the email address it was going to send the recovery information to reset it.

I did not hit OK.

I reached out to a friend who told me to calm down; he was right because I was in full panic mode. Once I began to breathe and focus, I got the issue resolved.

The Lesson learned:

  1. Don't allow fear to consume

  2. Reach Out to someone who knows what they are doing

  3. Breath

  4. It's Okay to have a moment but remember the task at hand

Fear: It can be the silent killer of all dreams and aspirations

Never Quit when faced with fear or adversity!

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