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Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is permanent; you are always free to change your circumstances.

We have free will to turn a negative into a positive. It's all about how you approach the situation.

Erykah Badu has a song called " Next Lifetime." The song is about the possibilities of a new

relationship vs. the one she currently has.

For me, the song takes about the possibilities in another lifetime. If you have already seen the movie " The Lakehouse," you see two people holding on to hope they will one day be together.

Having hope and holding on to it can be challenging in the world we currently live in, but it is possible. You have to be willing to change.

It is one of the reasons I launched my blog. I wanted to give all of you a different perspective, a new hope. I believe; if you focus on positive energy, you will attract positive energy.

Tap into all of the things you want to attract, and make a list.

Now take the list and put it into action. Word on moving forward change the situation, circumstances you thought were permanent.

Start small as you continue to see the changes you want to manifest; add a few more to your list. Reflect on how you feel. Note the difference; in your body, mind, and your soul.

Be open to attracting the best outcomes for yourself, don't you think you are worth it?

Nothing is Permanent!

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menu. The photo was taken by Adriana Rodriguez.

Model:Torrent Taylor Jr.

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1 Comment

Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
Dec 29, 2022

As always, good thoughts and good advice.

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