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Power of the Pen

Today while looking through some files, I found some letters.

The letters I found were from my grandmother. She wrote each letter with love, love from her to me. To see her handwriting brought back so

many memories.

As I read each letter, I could hear her voice, and I smiled. The advice she gave me I still hold on to today.

Then I found a card. Inside this card was a letter from my Mother. It's funny; I did not cry but smiled. As I read this letter I reflected on my relationship with my Mom. The end of the letter was so funny; it was typical Mom.

But it gets better, to my surprise I also found a letter from my sister. I shared this with her. Her letter was special to me, and so are the memories in the letter.

Do people write letters anymore? In this fast-paced society, our communication has become text, FaceTime, and virtual. The art of writing is it a

dying art?

I loved getting letters in the mail. It made me feel special because the person sending the letter was thinking of me. I was in their heart and on their mind.

How many of you have saved letters you have received from loved ones?

I am glad I saved these letters; each one of them is priceless.

Here is your challenge, write a letter and wait to see the joy you bring to the recipient's life.

Happy Writing.

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