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Privacy vs. Approachability

Before the pandemic, many of us went to the office, spending hours working with

co-workers. We can all agree sometimes it felt as if we spent more time with our co-workers than our family. We become very comfortable, maybe too comfortable.

Evaluated on performance and if you are " approachable." I once had a manager tell me my co-workers were complaining because I was not approachable.

They complained that I would not share what I did on my weekend.

Am sorry, I did not see this as part of my job description. I would say I had a good weekend and did not get into details.

There is a difference between being approachable and choosing to be private. Experience taught me not to share too much, so why was I wrong about protecting my personal life.

Looking back, I wish I had the tools I have now to handle this situation. I still would not have said anything, but it would not have consumed me.

If you let a person or situation consume you negatively, it becomes toxic to the mind, body, and soul.

You can share how your weekend was with positive energy and never say a word. There is power in this approach and, you can protect your peace.

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Feb 28, 2022

With everyone being so sensitive, who would want to share personal stuff with co-workers? My Dad taught me long ago, you don't go to work to make friends. You go to work to do a job, and you communicate on work-related matters and remain vague with your personal affairs. Of course, I learned the hard way. I once told an untruth story just to see how far it would travel. Within a week, I had folks congratulating me on something that never took place. That was all the confirmation I needed at that particular workplace in terms of to whom to trust and what not to reveal! 🤣 Good tip and/or reminder, Renee.


I definitely can relate to this.

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